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How to Start Betting on Sports Online

Alice Maria da Cunha
How to Start Betting on Sports Online

How To Start Betting At Online Sportsbooks

We’ve been betting on sports one way or another for ages. While the fundamentals remain the same, how we place our bets has certainly changed. With the rise of online sports betting, it’s easier than ever to place a wide range of bets on a plethora of markets. Read on to learn how to start betting at the top online bookmakers.

Before Getting Started

The Basics Of Online Sports Betting

Before you start betting online for real money, you need to understand the basics. While some are pretty obvious, they are good to know and are sure to fast-track you to becoming a long-term lucrative sports bettor.

The Ins and Outs

Firstly, you need a handle on how sports betting works before you dive right in. Check out our pages, like Betting Strategies, Understanding Probabilities and different Betting Markets to get started with online sportsbooks.

The Benefits of Online Betting

Sports betting is a popular form of gambling, especially when it comes to accessing all the best-rated sportsbooks around the globe. Check out our in-depth bookmaker reviews to find a site you’d like to start at.

Understand Value and Probability

Knowing how to spot excellent betting opportunities is vital for profitable sports bettors. Our guides both explain the concept of value and probability and how it plays into your betting techniques.

How To Place Bets

There are plenty of options when it comes to sports bets online. Check out our page and guides to the various betting markets, betting strategies and types of online sportsbook bets to learn how to make the most of your online betting experience.

Understanding the Odds

To Know How To Start Betting, You Must Understand Odds

There are three main types of betting odds. Essentially, they are three different ways to write the same thing – the odds associated with your wager. Once you get to grips with betting odds, you can tell which player or team is estimated to succeed and then calculate how much a successful payout will be.
Let’s look at the three types of betting odds.

Decimal Odds

This is the most common form of sports betting odds you’ll come across online. They’re the fastest way to calculate your winnings and are written as, for example, 1.4 or 2.6.

American Odds

You’ll mainly find American odds in American online sportsbooks or for American sports. They’re handy to know when you bet on sports like American football or baseball and can be written as -220 or +150, for example.

Fractional Odds

Fractional sports betting odds aren’t that common, but you may still come across them at some online bookmakers. They’re displayed, as the same suggests, as fractions such as 2/5 or 8/5.

Benefits of Online Sports Betting

The Benefits Of Online Sports Betting

Knowing how to bet online is important, but before you get started, you’ll need to consider whether or not sports betting online is right for you and your betting bankroll. If you’re on this page, the answer is probably yes. But if you need more convincing, just take a look at some of the benefits of betting online:

Why You Should Start Betting Oline on Sports

AdvantageWhy It's Worth It
Convenience and easeBetting on sports online is faster and easier, and you can even bet on special markets, take advantage of offers and bet on-the-go thanks to mobile-optimised sites and sportsbook apps.
Bonuses and promotionsThe best online bookies offer a myriad of bonuses and promotions to stretch your budget and give you more winning chances.
Better lines and oddsYou’ll find far more competitive lines and odds at online bookmakers who are vying for your custom.
Lower betting limitsYou can wager from as little as $/€1 on some online sports bets.
Variety of betting markets and sportsThere’s far more variety in terms of betting markets, sports and leagues online compared to a land-based bookmaker’s list.

How to Place an Online Bet

How To Place An Online Sports Bet

Once you have an understanding of the different markets, bets, odds and probabilities, it’s time to find a bookmaker from our list of the best online betting sites, sign up and get started. Here’s how easy it is:


Head over to your desired game and type of bet


Click “bet”


The bet will appear on your bet slip


Enter the amount you want to stake


Submit the wager

Sorts Betting Bonuses

Stretch Your Bankroll With Bonuses And Promotions

One of the best things about betting online for real money is that online sportsbooks offer an array of bonuses and promotions. Some of the popular offers you’ll come across include:

Welcome Bonuses

Seasonal or Sports-Specific Offers

Free Bets

Football Accas

Reduced Juice or Enhanced Odds

Betting Rebates

Our final Thoughts

Learning which bonuses work for you and how to make the most of them is an important part of getting started with online sports betting. Remember, every offer comes with terms and conditions attached that you should read before accepting a bonus.

Is it Worth Betting Online on Sports?

This isn’t playtime. You want to bet online for real money, so you’ll want to ensure you know exactly what’s in store. From shopping around for the best odds and lines to learning about different bets, in-play betting, bonuses and more, there’s a lot to look forward to at online betting sites. Check out our comprehensive betting guides, sportsbook reviews and tips to get started and ensure enjoyable – and hopefully profitable – online betting endeavours.

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